Translating criminal records to obtain a professional visa in Ecuador

Translating criminal records to obtain a professional visa in Ecuador One of the main requirements for obtaining a professional visa in Ecuador is the presentation of your criminal record from your country of origin. If the criminal record certificate is not in Spanish, you need to translate it to Spanish through a certified translation agency […]

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The translation of documents for cases of the international abduction of minors

The Hague Agreement of the 25th of October, 1980 concerning the Civil Aspects of the International Abduction of Minors is a treaty which seeks to protect children from abduction and international detainment. Ecuador is one of the countries that has signed this international agreement. You can resort to this before the Ecuadorian Justice System in

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Translation of business documents

What do we translate? Company formation Statutes, Internal Regulations Internal messages Corporate certificates Participation certificates Tax Documents and Taxation All business documents. What for? The creation of branches, subsidiaries or international franchises in Ecuador Validation of financial statements by the Superintendence of Companies Strategic International Commercial Alliances Commercial representation agreements in the business’s own country

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Translations for insurance and reinsurance

To translate the policies, insurance contracts, reports, police parties, insurance adjustments or notifications of accidents, it can get complicated. The complexity of the terminology used (very broad, and which can become very specialized) is combined with another factor: the translations must be carried out by authorized and recognized translation agencies. Very few agencies offer translations

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The translation of pharmaceutical documents

9h05 Inc. translates all types of documents with pharmaceutical topics from and to the following languages: Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Polish, Dutch, Catalan, Galician, Kichwa, Chinese Mandarin, Arabic or Norwegian. Pharmacological compositions, the dosages of medicines, clinical studies of secondary effects or chemical analysis, among other things, are some of the

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What distinguishes us from the competition?

System of quality management of the translations which comply with the regulations EN-15048:2006 (European Union) and ASTM F2575 (The United States). More information. Native, professional translators of the language they translate into, specialized in the area of the source document. More information. . Technical consultants specialized in the topics of the documents submitted by you.

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Translation services in Quito

9h05 is an agency which provides translation services in Quito, covering all of Ecuador. We have a team of native, professional translators of the languages the documents are being translated into, to guarantee the highest level quality of the final product. 9h05 is a company which has the European translation certification EN-15038:2006 and complies with

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Sports translations

Sports translations can refer to: The translation of press releases specific to sports The translation of web pages of businesses or related organizations The translations of specialized sports presentations The translation of invoices for the reimbursement of expenses (sports federations and/ or sports committees. The sports translations, and in particular the translation of invoices for

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Musical translations

Musical translation consists of the universalization of the musical passage in all its aspects, from the song lyrics to the presentation of bands and web pages. Nowadays, it is fundamental for an artist or a musical band to translate their webpage, their artistic presentations (for international events) or even the lyrics of their songs so

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The translation of regulations

What is a regulation? A regulation is a set of rules that seek to standardize subject-matter to improve it or establish common parameters for its uniform implementation. They are expedited for technical committees specialized in each regulatory area. They allow for better quality of many products and services. Entities that issue regulations ISO, ASTM, UE,

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Translation of CV’s

Are you interested in studying abroad, or for a postgraduate degree? Do you want take the plunge and work abroad? Do you own a business that has international clients? In any of these cases, it is advisable to translate your CV into English or into the language of the country you are interested in. And

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Bank certificate translations

There are countless embassies, banks, financial institutes, savings and credit cooperatives or even ministries that ask for bank certificates to show sufficient funds for different kinds of paperwork. Bank certificates are usually required for applying a visa, be it for the foreigners in Ecuador or for Ecuadorians abroad. For example, the embassy of the United

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