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9h05 International, a global translation company providing certified and specialized translations, has numerous certifications, accreditations, and memberships, and complies with several international translation quality standards.



With the objective of continuously ensure the highest quality degree and the highest validity of the translations we deliver, we at 9h05 International have several certifications and accreditations which not only enable us to guarantee irreproachable translations, but that are also valid in every single country in the world.

9h05 International

Judiciary Council

Court of Appeal



EN 15038

ASTM F2575

Ongoing Training

We know how important it is train and keep studying during our lives to maintain the quality and even increase it.

For this reason, we at 9h05 International are committing to: to keep always up to date regarding translation theories (translation study) and practice.

The translators of our team hold different degrees, such as Master’s in Translation Studies, Bachelor’s in Applied Linguistics, and Doctorates in Translation and Applied Linguistics. This information can be released to you on demand.





Judiciary Council

We are court-appointed translators (Spanish/French/English) by the Judiciary Council of Ecuador. In this capacity, we act as sworn & certified translators in the Courts of the Republic of Ecuador, which also allows us to deliver certified translations with entire official value and which are recognized and accepted in the whole country and all over the world.


Court of Appeal in France

We are accredited before the competent Court of Appeal in France in certified, sworn translations with official value.

Our translations are thus directly valid and bear the judicial value of evidence, so no further step is needed when your translations are meant to be used abroad.


ATA (American Translators Association)

9h05 International a corporate member of the ATA (American Translators Association). ATA is one of the primary institutions in the translation and interpretation world. This membership accredits us as highly qualified translators. We are registered under ATA membership nº264890.


ATIEC (Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ecuador)

Our leading translator, project manager at 9h05 International, is a member of ATIEC (Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ecuador) under number 54 and an ATIEC-certified translator in the English/Spanish language combination.


We comply with the European translation standard, EN 15038:2006

9h05 International complies with EN-15038:2006The purpose of this standard is to establish the requirements for translation agencies in providing quality services.

It includes the core process of translating as well as all aspects that are related to service provision such as quality assurance and traceability.

This European standard establishes the requirements for translation service providers with regard to human and technical resources, quality and project management, contractual framework and service procedures.


We comply with ASTM F2575 American standard

This guide identifies factors relevant to the quality of language translation services for each phase of a translation project.

It is designed to provide a framework for agreement on specifications for translation projects and to arrive at a product of desired quality to serve the needs and expectations of the end user.

It also includes a list of specification parameters that shall be considered before work begins.



9h05 International complies with the requirements established in the Ecuadorian Practice Guide GPE INEN 060 “Guidelines for the translation of international policy papers. Part 1: English into Spanish.”

This practice guide states the specific guidelines which serve to guide all the people involved in the process of translation of policy papers of the ISO (International Organization of Standardization) and of the IEC (International Electro-Technical Commission) in a rational and coherent manner.


A Patented Know-How

Our know-how is patented and protected by national and international laws.

Our production and management process is also patented and protected.

Since our establishment in 2009, and thanks to our knowledge and experience in translation, project management, document management, terminology management, and formalities management, we have developed our very own methods, processes, forms, and trademarks, standing out among our competition by means of our high quality level and strong innovation and enhancement capability.

Any copy, plagiarism, or imitation constitutes a breach of the intellectual property rights of 9h05 International, 9h05 del Ecuador et 9h05 Group, and shall be harshly sued and punished before the relevant authorities.

If you are aware of a breach of such rights, please bring it to our attention: frauds@9h05.com.

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