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With thousands of documents translated each year in English, French, Spanish, Italian and much more languages, we aim at providing high-end translation services to customers around the globe and specifically in Quito, Ecuador.

Our certified translations are designed to fit your needs, whether you need them in Ecuador or abroad.

Our Sworn Translation Services cover official and legal documents for every formality and proceeding before public and private authorities, including court causes.

With almost 300 reviews on Google and 4,9 out of 5, we take care of our customers and endeavor to deliver the best service that each of our clients deserve.

internationally accredited court translators

We hold accreditations in Ecuador, United States & Europe, meaning that our translations are recognized worldwide.

We are Court & Forensic Translators in Ecuador (Consejo de la Judicatura / Judiciary Council + ATIEC-Certified Translators), United States (ATA Corporate Member), Canada (ATIO-Certified Translators) & France (Court of Appeal of Pau).

Thanks to our different accreditations both national and international, we offer sworn, certified, and court translation services for individuals and companies both in Ecuador and all over the world: United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe, and much more.

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About Us

A double Master’s Degree holder (MA in English Editorial Translation & MA in Spanish Translation & Linguistics), Benjamin Aguilar-Laguierce is also a Doctoral Candidate in Translation Studies. A Court Translator in Ecuador (Judiciary Council) and France (Court of Appeal of Pau), he is an ATIEC-Certified Translator delivering high-end translations with the shared knowledge of 9h05 Group’s expertise and his love for rigorous and meticulous work.

Benjamin Aguilar-Laguierce, PhD(c), CEO of 9h05 del Ecuador

Created in 2009, 9h05 Group is a network of Translation Companies around the globe aiming at providing state-of-the-art translation services in several languages with top quality at competitive prices and in short turnarounds. 
9h05 International is headquartered in Bordeaux, France, and has offices in Quito (Ecuador), Toronto (Canada), Medellín (Colombia), Miami (United States), Zaragoza (Spain), London (United Kingdom), and Sydney (Australia).