The translation of web pages

All businesses dream of growing: it is a universal corporative rule. However, there are many traps and there is much at stake if this challenge isn’t taken seriously.

At a marketing level, speaking the language of the client is fundamental and is something that isn’t questioned, as we can see here, here or even here.

One of the risks of the expansion of a business is to use automatic translation tools for the translation of a web page, for corporate presentations or brochures. These types of bad quality translations, is synonymous with reducing, as soon as you reach your desired market, the image of your business and its products.

The second danger is in hiring people who aren’t qualified for the translation of business information. Hiring a person who went to study for a semester abroad is the same as hiring a butcher to carry out heart surgery.

Only professional translators and recognized translation agencies are capable of guaranteeing an irreproachable work. Think about it like this: the money that is invested in translation implies a ROI (return on investment) at least three times greater in the short term. Imagine what the ROI would be for medium or long-term.

The translation agencies, like 9h05 Inc., are experts in translation (passing information from one language to another), localizing (adapting the linguistic variant of the target language to the destination country of the translation: (adapting the local, linguistic features and the culture) and globalization (the integration of multi-lingual web-content), your web-page, corporate information and business presentations.

The risk of not localizing a web-page is that the clients do not feel attended to and they can reject you products and services, as excellent as they may be. A beautiful web-page design is not enough: the internet users tend to be more and more demanding. It is a CSA study (Common Sense Advisory), showed that three-quarters of the interns won’t even look at a web-page that isn’t in their own language.

And, when we talk of web-sites that sell products and services, the percentage is higher still. Don’t risk losing international visibility and foreign markets by not considering globalization in your content.

You don’t have to translate everything: assess the relevance of what you want on your web-page in another language before asking for the translation.