Sworn English <> Spanish <> French translations in Angouleme

We are sworn translators authorized by the court of appeals for all your official English, Spanish and French translations in Angouleme and the surrounding region.

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Trust in us to translate your official documents to English, Spanish or French and have them delivered right to your door in Angouleme and the surrounding region

Translations with a quick turnaround time


We provide certified translations from English, Spanish or French with quick delivery times (generally in 1-2 days if your documents are under 5 pages).

We deliver your signed physical translations bearing the stamp of our translators authorized by the court of appeals to Angouleme. We’ll also provide you a certified PDF copy.

Affordable prices


Being aware of the importance of fair prices both for you, the client, and for us, we’ve established a schedule of affordable prices for your sworn zone 1 translations (English, Spanish, French).

We do this because quality and expertise aren’t luxuries but rather necessities that should be affordable for everyone. That’s our commitment: high-quality sworn translations, impeccable presentation, impressive certifications and an unrivaled linguistic expertise.



High-quality translations


We’ve come up with and designed a translation process that lets us guarantee the highest quality possible for all our translations, even sworn translations.

This high quality depends on the linguistic expertise and excellence of our authorized and certified translators. These veteran translators hold doctoral degrees, master’s degrees and bachelor’s degrees in translation, translation studies, applied linguistics and jurisprudence.




High-quality sworn translations in Angouleme

Call us to learn more: 05 57 82 43 96

Sworn translations accepted worldwide

Our sworn translations from English, Spanish and French are accepted worldwide. This includes France (of course) and the rest of Europe.

Our translations are also accepted in English or Spanish speaking countries. As legal experts and sworn translators of the court of appeals, our certified translations have probative value.

Digital sworn translators to make your formalities easier

At 9h05 International, we understand that more and more formalities require you to upload official translations to administrative processing platforms. That’s why we also automatically send you an impeccable certified PDF copy of your translation.

Sworn translations in Angouleme are as easy as 9h05

Getting sworn translations to English, Spanish or French has never been easier. To make things simpler for you, we’ve developed an online payment system that will help you get the sworn translation service you need.


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Benjamin Aguilar-Laguierce is chairman of the board of 9h05 Group. A veteran translator with linguistic experience developed over a long career, he has led the company since its founding in 2009.

Benjamin Aguilar-Laguierce

Certified translations


  • Done by our sworn and certified translators
  • English, Spanish, and French
  • Delivery in 24-48 hours on average
  • Priority (express) delivery: +50%

Signature legalization


  • Legalization of a sworn translator’s signature at the city hall
  • Delivery in 1-2 working days, not counting Friday
  • Price per copy
  • Necessary to apostille a translation in the court of appeals (if applicable)

Extra copy


  • Get an extra copy of your certified translations for only €10 more
  • Immediate delivery
  • Legalization not included

A global network of translation offices

9h05 Group has offices in 7 countries around the world to offer you the best in sworn, specialized, legal and literary translations:

France • Spain • United Kingdom • Canada • United States • Ecuador • Australia

Have the sworn translation service you need tailor made with our online payment system. It’s easy, fast and safe.




9h05 International, local linguistic expertise in Angouleme

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