Linguistic Expertise.

Translation Services in France & Ecuador

9h05 International is an international Company based in Bordeaux, France + Quito, Ecuador + Toronto, Canada

Our high-quality translation services include:

  • Certified and sworn translations
  • Specialized and technical translations  
  • Juridical and judicial translations (forensic linguistics)

Our languages:

  • French, Spanish, and English
  • Italian, Portuguese, and German
  • Dutch, Romanian, and Russian
  • Catalan, Galician, and Quechua
  • Hindi, Arabic, and Chinese

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Certified and sworn translation of documents intended for public and private administrations, with official validity.

In French, Spanish, and English

Our translations are accepted around the globe.


Translation of documents with highly specialized content for texts that have extremely technical language.

Thousands of customers support our professionalism.



Translations for the judiciary system and ecosystem: courts, police investigations, notaries, bailiff offices, law firms, barristers, and other legal and paralegal entities.

We offer court-certified translations in France and Ecuador (sworn & forensic certified translators).


Editorial translations: literature, fine arts, poetry, scientific knowledge diffusion, novels, short stories, narrative, comics, pragmatic books, etc.

Numerous publishing houses around the globe have published our translations.

9h05 International is an industry leader operator in the translation services field for private individuals, businesses, international organizations…

Your reliable & certified translation company in France & Ecuador

9h05 International is a key specialized and certified translation service provider, with a huge professional experience in translation and linguistic services.

Certified, sworn, and official translations

Hire our certified translation services. We guarantee your total satisfaction.

Our certified translations are carried out in full by our very own team of accredited, authorized, and highly qualified translators.

We provide quick turnaround times at competitive prices. Located in Bordeaux, France, and Quito, Ecuador, we can reach every single corner of the world.

Our certified translations have full validity and are accepted worldwide.



Specialized and technical translations

With a Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate degree in Translation Studies and Linguistics, our translators are adept in linguistics and different specialized languages.

Among our specialization areas, we offer wine & winery translations, pharmaceutical translations, electromechanical translations, juridical translations, medical translations, and translations of different engineering areas.


Experts in Translation

Our team of translators hold Masters’ and Doctorate degrees in Translation Studies and Linguistics.

Forensic Translators

We are court-appointed translators, and as such, are certified translators at the competent court of appeal (in France), and court-appointed & forensic translators in the Republic of Ecuador.

Juridical and Judicial Translations

We are experts of translation, legal terminology, and law. We have juridical translators specializing in judiciary translations, trained in the specific areas of justice and law.

Our translation team includes certified and court-appointed translators at the competent court of appeal in France and judiciary-approved linguists in the Republic of Ecuador.

Thanks to our strong language & technical credentials in the juridical area, we offer specialized translations services which are backed by numerous customers, among which are several legal firms in France, Ecuador, and abroad, are worth mentioning. 


Cash and checks

We accept payments in cash and checks in our offices in Quito, Ecuador, and Bordeaux, France.


Credit cards

You can pay for your translation services with your preferred credit card:

  • On our online platform
  • Thanks to secured payment links
  • Coming to our offices in Quito and Bordeaux to pay on our POS terminals

Wire transfers

We also accept payments through domestic or international wire transfers in Ecuador and France.


Our accreditations and certifications


American Translators Association

Corporate Member



English-Spanish Certified Translator

Court of Appeal

Court of Appeal competent in France

Court-appointed Translator

0 1 166 166 cocarde expert judiciaire traducteur assermente cour appel

Judiciary Council

Judiciary-appointed Translator (Forensic Translator)

Forensic Translator of the Republic of Ecuador


Certified and sworn translations of documents


9h05 International offers its certified translation services for documents in several languages, including French, English, and Spanish.

Armed with our different national and international accreditations and credentials, we are one of the few translation companies capable of guaranteeing certified translations with international recognition and acceptance.

Our senior translator is a Researcher and PhD candidate in Translation Studies and Applied Linguistics. He also has a Masters’ degree in Hispanic Studies Applied to Translation, a Masters’ degree in English Editorial Translation, and a Specialization degree in Judicial Expertise.

We translate hundreds of documents every single day, for countries around the globe, for use in different public and private administrations.

Our translations are 100% guaranteed.

Get your documents translated in 1-2 days


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What is a certified translation?

Also known as sworn translation, authorized translation, official translation, accredited translation, or legal translation, certified translations are carried out by court-appointed translators duly authorized by the authorities.

These translations have the same legal value as judicial evidence and as the documents issued by public of private administrations.

Only the translators duly authorized, approved, and court-appointed have the right to issue sworn translations: such is the case of the translators of 9h05 France and 9h05 Ecuador.

French, Spanish, English

Zone 1 languages

Italian, Portuguese, German

Zone 2 langages

Russian, Dutch, Romanian

Zone 3 langages

Catalan, Galician, Quechua

Zone 4 languages 

Hindi, Arabic, Chinese

Zone 5 languages 



Languages Offered

We only offer translation services in the languages we have an expert knowledge in, and for which we can guarantee an irreproachable quality. Our team of professional translators is fully qualified and trained, and their skills have been verified time and again.


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Linguistic Expertise.

With over 7,000 customers around the globe, tens of thousands of documents translated each year, hundreds of translations published, our linguistic expertise is recognized globally.

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Translations accepted worldwide


Quality Management

9h05 International has put in place a quality management system and a project management system which allow us to monitor in real time the translation process and ensure its quality.


Guaranteed Punctuality 

As is our name, 9h05, we take pride in punctuality: your time is very valuable. For this reason, we guarantee the quality of our services delivered in the agreed-upon time.


Quick Turnaround Time for Your Translations

Our translations are delivered in 1-2 days on average, because we know how important it is for you to have your translations delivered quickly, without compromising quality.


Qualified Translators

9h05’s translation team undergoes constant training in translation and linguistics, in addition to their specialization areas, so they are always at the cutting edge of technology and translation practices.


Guaranteed Satisfaction

Because we know how important are your documents are, and because trust is not possible without transparency, we guarantee  100% satisfaction.

Professional Translations with Human Quality

We are human translators (Human-powered translations is our motto) and thus, we offer meticulous, accurate, and detail-oriented translation services. We never use automatic translation tools because we care about offering the very best services at all times.


Tailor-made Translation Services

We have designed a range of tailor-made services that suit to your specific needs, because everybody is different and faces a different situation.


Technology and Computer Science at Human Translation Service 

We use computer-assisted translation tools, linguistic glossaries, corpora applications, grammatical, syntactic, and stylistic correction tools.


Our affiliates around the globe

9h05 is located in France (Bordeaux), Ecuador (Quito), Canada (Toronto), United States (Miami), Spain (Zaragoza), United Kingdom (London), and Australia (Sydney).


At the heart of the city 

Because human contact has never been more important, we have chosen to set up our offices at the heart of the cities: in Bordeaux, we are located in Jardin Public’s neighborhood, and in Quito, we are located in La Mariscal area. Our staff will welcome you with open arms to assist you with your translation needs.


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9h05 Group

9h05 Group gathers the translation companies of the group under 9h05’s brand name.

With 7 branches on 3 continents and 7 different countries, 9h05 Group provides a unique experience to its customers in translation services.

Thanks to its multicultural team of professional translators with varied specializations and backgrounds, 9h05 provides linguistic services at the highest level of quality.

The company’s motto, Human-powered Translations, substantiates the experience and expertise developed by 9h05 throughout its years of existence at your service.


Meet 9h05 Group

Expertise in Forensic Translation & Linguistics 

We are professional and certified translators with university degrees in translation and linguistics (Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctorate degrees) and court-appointed translators in France and Ecuador.

Training in Translation: Online Certified Translation Courses

We provide translation improvement workshops intended for translators, courses aimed at improving techniques and strategies of translation, and introduction to translation theory. These trainings are meant for junior translators.


Go to School of Translation


Commercial and Linguistic Consultancy 

We put at your disposal our development of linguistic activity consultancy. Based on a diagnosis of your activity and your profile, we set a series of measures aimed at finding your place on the linguistic services market.



Quality and timeliness

High-end quality services delivered in the fastest turnaround time: this is our high value-added offer.

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Contact us in Bordeaux, France


9h05 International
45 rue Grangeneuve
33000 Bordeaux (France)


05 57 82 43 96


05 57 82 43 96



Monday to Friday, 9h30-17h00 no interruptions

Contact us in Quito, Ecuador


9h05 del Ecuador 
Juan León Mera N21-241 y Roca
Edificio Cronos – Oficina 501
170143 Quito (Ecuador)


(02) 250 11 10


09 84 26 56 53



Monday to Friday, 8h00-18h00 no interruptions

Contact us in Toronto, Canada


9h05 Canada
33 Isabella St, Unit 812
Toronto, ON M4Y 2P7


(647) 782-8362


(647) 782-8362



Monday to Friday, 8h00-17h00 no interruptions

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Quito – Ecuador


9h05 del Ecuador
Juan León Mera N21-241 y Roca
Edificio Cronos · Piso 5 · Oficina 501
170143 Quito (Ecuador)

+593 2 250 11 10 
+593 9 84 26 56 53

Bordeaux – France


9h05 International
45 rue Grangeneuve
33000 Bordeaux (France)

05 57 82 43 96
07 69 16 56 65

Toronto – Canada


9h05 Canada
55 Triller Ave #904
Toronto, ON M6R 2H6


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