What are the makings of a good translator?

What are the makings of a good translator?

The qualities of a translator go far beyond bilingualism or to know several languages.

Have you ever asked yourself that who translates my documents? Do you want to find anyone can translate a document, or does it require training and a specific educational background? Do you believe that by living a few years abroad, you could be a translator?

Who translates the documents in 9h05?

The translators of 9h05 Inc. are experienced professionals. They have specialized university degree in translation, philology or linguistics, and are constantly trained in translation areas and in their own specialization. At 9h05, we only have translators and nothing else.

The translators of 9h05 Inc. only translate in their mother tongues. Why? Because translation requires a set of complex abilities and a perfect handling of the language of destination, as well as the cultural environment of the language of destination. This aptitude is commonly known as localization, and it allows the translator to adapt of the document of the country of destination in both the linguistic and the sociocultural level.

Can anyone be a translator?

Not anyone can be a translator. As we mentioned in the above paragraphs, translation requires a series of demands and aptitudes that cannot be achieved by everyone. First, you need a specialized degree in the translation and linguistics fields. Having a proficiency certificate in a given language is not enough.

Secondly, a translator must culturally dominate his/her languages. He/she must dominate it perfectly and should be capable of disarranging the sentence in order to transform the concepts that will be reformulated in the final language. As we were saying, translation is not just switching over of words from one language to another, its not word by word translation. It refers to understand the text in its totality, in all its aspects, understand its sociocultural dimension and reformulate it in the target language.

This is the process, which makes translation a complex art. This is what makes us different us from the others. 9h05 Inc. assumes linguistic, social and cultural inclusion of the translated texts.

I was abroad for a few months; can I be a translator?

As we were explaining before, being a translator does not refer only to bilingualism. Even though it is essential to be bilingual or trilingual, it is more than sufficient to only be bilingual.

The qualities of a translator include specific as well as general knowledge of both the source and the target languages. He/she must know the different typographical rules, the idiomatisms of both the source and the target languages, the false friends, as well as the translation techniques and methodologies more adapted to the context, type of text and the addressee.

All these factors and variables must be understood by the translator so that he/she can give the best results.

9h05 Inc. is an authorized translation agency, enabled to issue official and certified translations, as well as technical translations of every nature.

You can check our tariffs in this page. Our tariffs include special discounts for students and elderly, more even when the documents to be translated exceed 10 pages.

If you have any question, do not doubt in contacting us through our email (quito@9h05.com), or through telephone at 02 250 1110 or visiting us at our offices located at Av. Juan León Mera N22-231 y Roca
Edificio Cronos • Oficina 501
Quito • Ecuador

Remember that we cover all of Ecuador and that we have the international certification UNE EN-15038:2006 that guarantees the validity of our translations throughout the world.

You can also keep visiting our webpage clicking the logo of 9h05 Inc. on top of this page.

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