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Get your certified translations of English in Bordeaux (Nouvelle-Aquitaine) and elsewhere in France and Europe in few clicks thanks to the expertise, security, and professionalism of 9h05 International.

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Your English sworn translator in Bordeaux

Linguistic expertise from Court Translators

Have your French/English documents officially translated by 9h05 France in Bordeaux

  • For tax purposes at the revenue administration 
  • To resolve any situation before some administration or service
  • To sell or purchase real estate abroad
  • To justify transactions with your bank
  • To have your rights enforced abroad
  • For a marriage, a birth, a death, an international inheritance…

There are plenty of situations where a sworn & court translator is required for documents from English to French or from French to English. 9h05 France will make this task easy for you. With our short turnaroundaffordable & fair prices and our great linguistic expertise, you will get the very best result possible for your certified translations in Bordeaux and elsewhere in France.


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Your translations ready-to-use in 24h !

9h05 International guarantees quality, quickness, and traceability for your English-French translations. Each certified translation bears a series number allowing the authorities, addressees, and recipients of the official translation to verify its authenticity online and compare the corresponding information. Traceability is guaranteed, thus.

And to increase turnaround, you don’t need to come to our office! You can purchase your English-French certified translation in no time at all: go to our configurator app, select the translation service you need, and get it at home in 24-48h.

Judicial Expertise in English

We are court-appointed sworn translators (experts judiciaires – traducteurs assermentés) before the court of appeal for English and Spanish languages. As such, we are part of the only translators in France accredited and authorized to issue official translations of public and private documents. These translations, as certified by sworn translators, have probative value and are judicial evidences. They are recognized and accepted everywhere in France, Europe, and elsewhere around the globe.



Court-appointed Sworn Translators in Bordeaux

9h05 International’s English sworn translators, based in Bordeaux (France), are at your service for your needs of translation of official documents intended to public and private administrations, entities, and bodies. 

Our high-quality translations (thanks to our rigorous translation process) delivered in no time and charged at the fairest price: this is our principle since 2009, when 9h05 Group was created.



Translators appointed by the court of appeal

In France, judicial experts / sworn translators are appointed by the courts of appeal after a thorough examination of their qualifications (degrees, certifications, career) and their experience (specializations, years in position, etc.). After such a selective process, only the highest-qualified, highest-skilled, and highest-experienced translators are admitted.



Certified Translation


  • Made by our sworn translators
  • From French into English
  • From English into French
  • Delivered on average within 1-2 business days
  • Priority extra charge (express delivery) = 50%

Translation Legalization


  • Signature authentication of the translator at the city hall
  • Delivered within 1-2 business days, except on Fridays
  • Fes Applied per counterpart
  • Step required for apostille legalization (if needed)

Additional counterpart


  • For only 10€, get another certified counterpart of your translations
  • Immediate delivery
  • Excludes any legalization

With over fifteen years’ experience in juridical and judicial translation, our highly-qualified sworn & certified translators propose top-quality translations  in short turnarounds at the fairest prices.

A tailor-made translation service coupled with a warm, custom reception in office to ensure the very best in certified translation, together with 9h05 International’s 100% guarantee.

9h05 International, linguistic expertise at your service

Since it was established back in 2009, 9h05 Group strives for the constant improvement of its services: specialized and technical translations, juridical and judicial translations, certified and sworn translations, literary and editorial translations, thanks to the implementation of translation processes, engineering of translation projects management and other methods of specific processing and management for the translation industry specially developed by 9h05 for its customers.

Such linguistic expertise is reinforced by the constant formation of the company’s professional translators, who hold at least masters’ degrees in translation, linguistics and/or law, and even doctors’ degrees, in order to guarantee the highest quality in translation.

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English Sworn & Court Translators at your service in Bordeaux (France)

Visit us in Bordeaux :

9h05 France
45 rue Grangeneuve
33000 Bordeaux (France)

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Establishment of 9h05







High-quality Translation Services

9h05. Not a minute late. The name of our translation agency 9h05 reveals our pleasure for punctuality. Because words fly, words travel, verbs move. This is our reason for being, our promise made through the very name of our agency. Being true to our word.
For this reason, springing from this observation, the translation agency 9h05 establishes a commitment to you to guarantee not only quality and efficiency in the documents that you entrust to us, but also to offer you an array of services of high performance constantly adapted to the world that surrounds us, never falling behind.
Without any doubt, transparency is one of the best business practices of any company, for which we publish our rates as well as our work methods and evaluations of our clients. However, our transparency does not mean we will publish your information and projects. In fact, it is completely the opposite. 9h05 considers each delivered document confidential and promises not to reveal a single word, letter, or comma.


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