Sworn translations for civil registration, Ecuador

Do you have a relative living abroad, who needs to change his/her marital status? Does your son / daughter need to be registered at the civil registration? Do you want to get married to a foreigner in Ecuador?

For these types of documents, it is essential that they are translated by a translation company that is authorized and certified to issue official and sworn translations.

When you want to get married to a foreigner in Ecuador, you shall translate the following documents into Spanish:

  • Foreign birth registration or certificate
  • Single status certificate or eligibility to get married to the foreign national.

If you want to receive inheritance from an Ecuadorian relative or a foreign resident in Ecuador whose death occurred abroad, you should register the death certificate at the Ecuadorian civil registration and have sworn translations of the following carried out by an official translator:

  • Death Registration or certificate (if occurred abroad)

If you got married abroad, you should translate the following:

  • Marriage registration or certificate held abroad
  • Birth registration or certificate of the foreign national, if applicable

If your son/daughter was born abroad, a certified translator should translate the following:

  • Birth registration or certificate of the son/daughter born abroad

Remember that all documents issued abroad must have an Apostille according to The Hague Convention or legalized in an Ecuadorian consulate in the country of origin or the authority that holds jurisdiction over that country.

Generally, all documents that are not in Spanish should be translated into Spanish in accordance with the Modernization Law of the State. The official and sworn translations must be recognized by a notary public of the Republic of Ecuador.

9h05 is a certified and world recognized translation agency empowered to issue sworn, certified and official translations in all the languages managed by us (Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Russian, Romanian, Polish, Dutch, Catalan, Galician, Quechua, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese and Norwegian).

9h05 Inc. provides the service of translation recognition by a notary public, in such a way that your documents will be accepted without problem in different public institutions, such as the Civil Registration of Ecuador.

Remember, all documents issued by an official body or whose documents are of an official nature should be translated by a certified person or translation agency like 9h05, Inc.

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