The translation of regulations

What is a regulation?

A regulation is a set of rules that seek to standardize subject-matter to improve it or establish common parameters for its uniform implementation. They are expedited for technical committees specialized in each regulatory area. They allow for better quality of many products and services.

Entities that issue regulations


These can be public or private institutions, profit or non-profit based, which define standards and practices for specialized subjects. The principal issuing entities of regulations come from the United States, Europe or China, including Brasil and Canada.

Which regulations can be translated?

The regulations cover almost all areas of technical knowledge, for products and services, from tires to telecommunications and the quality management of services.

Any regulation can be translated. Because of its standardized nature, a regulation is spread and applied beyond limits. Many businesses benefit from the implementation of regulations as mainstay providers of quality products and services, supported by a globally-recognized, quality management system or of high-level production practices.

Who receives translated regulations?

Translated regulations serve both the business that ask for them as well as national regulatory and accreditation bodies, and the Ecuadorian Regulatory Institute (INEN). These agencies add regulations to their catalogue and allow for the improvement of national standards.

9h05 Inc. is a certified and accredited translation agency, recognized globally.

INMETRO 165 from Portuguese to Spanish

INMETRO 482 from Portuguese to Spanish

INMETRO 205 from Portuguese to Spanish

SAE J1127 from English to Spanish

SAE J1128de from English to Spanish

ABNT NBR 9491 from Portuguese to Spanish.

9h05 Inc., synonymous with quality and professionalism. We offer, additionally, the following:

  • A system of quality management for translations that comply with the regulations EN-15048:2006 (European Union) and ASTM F2575 (The United States) More information
  • Veritrans platform which allows you to verify the validity of the translations and maximize the security of its documents. See this link:
  • Professional, Native translators who translate into their own language, specialized in the area of the source document. More information
  • Technical consultants specialized in the subjects of the documents you pass to us. More Information
  • A global network spanning 3 continents, which means practically 24/7 availability. More information
  • Transparency from beginning to end: Our prices are online:
  • The use of security paper and ink, with official stamps (ink and highlighted)


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