The translation of academic records

Your grading certificate is one of the most important requirements in this process since the academic record is a supporting document of the educational unit where you completed your studies, namely, this reflects your grade history throughout your academic education, either a secondary, degree or a post-graduate degree level of education.

In this, all the subjects passed can be seen and those which correspond to the course syllabus which you are applying for in any of the areas of study, whether administrative, investigative, technical, among others.

With this, you can verify your level for the studies you have completed and gain recognition for the subjects you want to study and confirm that these are valid for the degree you have selected. These study centers can then verify the percentages and approve these. On the other hand, it might be necessary to sit an exam or carry out a level-test to begin your studies.

Seeing as this is an important document, it must be correctly translated so that the country’s regulatory body to which the documents are sent can understand and read these perfectly, thus avoiding problems when sending these.

A good, certified translation of your grades or academic history is the first presentation letter which will allow you to open the doors to success. With this, you will be able to apply for state scholarships or student scholarships which are currently supported in that country, or you can apply directly to the university you have always wanted to study in, providing you the first step towards your success.