Translation of participation certificates

Attending workshops, seminaries, conferences or courses is fundamental for the personal and professional development of each person. Many times, the knowledge imparted in these workshops and courses can prove to be very useful and can be applied at work.

Most employees and university employees value workshops, seminaries, courses and conferences which, even if they do not count as university credits, allow candidates and professionals to stand out.

When translating into English or into French, or into any other relevant language, proof of attendance or participation certificates can, in this instance, be extremely valuable. Whether it is a job post in an international business or in a large, national company, it could be the detail that makes you stand out from other candidates.

When applied to a university abroad, these certificates add true value, and as such, would be a big plus for universities when selecting students for the degree they desire to pursue.

In any case, it is important that your time and money invested in seminaries and workshops is seen as an attribute in the eyes of your future employer or educational institute, (university center or professional institute etc.) As well as the translation of participation certificates, it is essential to translate your CV and adapt it to the format of the target country (for example, the format for Europe or the United States), a topic discussed in this link.

9h05 is a globally certified and recognized translation agency, enabled to emit sworn, official or certified translations, in all of the languages that we operate in (Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Russian, Romanian, Polish, Dutch, Catalan, Galician, Kichwa, Arabic, Chinese, and Norwegian).

Remember, all documents that have been sent out by a body of an official nature, from far away or closer to home, or whose document displays an official nature, must be translated by a qualified person or translation agency, like 9h05, and must include the recognition of the signature of the authorized translator before a notary.

The international structure of 9h05, apart from its aptitude to translate official documents and international certificates, has the great advantage of being located in the United States, Ecuador, the United Kingdom, France, Spain and Australia.

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