Notarized and Apostilled translations for Ecuador


The State and the entities of the public sector which make up public administration will accept as valid, as long as it is not shown otherwise, the translation of documents into a foreign language carried out extra-judicially by one or more interpreters as long as the signature / signatures are authenticated by a Notary or Consul of Ecuador or recognised before a Civil Judge. In the event that falsehood of the translation is proven, the administrative authority will send the record to the Fiscal Ministry of the respective District so that it carries out the penal sentencing in conformity with the articles 354 and 360 of the Penal Code.

As it is well understood, each document that is written in a different language other than Spanish, which must be presented to the State or one of the entities of the public sector, or even to certain private institutions, must be translated by an interpreter (Meaning: a translator or an authorized translation agency, like 9h05 Inc.)

Afterwards, the translation must be signed and sealed by a translator who must, in turn, have their signature recognized before a notary, a Consul of Ecuador or a Civil Judge. 9h05 Inc carries out translation signature recognitions daily before the Notary and offers this service as part of the company’s offer of translation services.

Additionally, 9h05 Inc also offers the apostille service of translated documents. The Apostille, of the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961, it is a simplified method of legalization of recognized documents in many countries of the world.

9h05 is a globally certified and recognized translation agency, enabled to emit sworn, official or certified translations, in all of the languages that we operate in (Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Russian, Romanian, Polish, Dutch, Catalan, Galician, Kichwa, Arabic, Chinese, and Norwegian).

We propose the service of translation recognition before a public Notary of the Republic of Ecuador to facilitate the processes and send you a product that is ready for use at the country’s official bodies.

Remember, all documents that have been sent out by a body of an official nature, from far away or closer to home, or whose document displays an official nature, must be translated by a qualified person or translation agency, like 9h05, and must include the recognition of the signature of the authorized translator before a notary.

With its headquarters in London (England) and offices in Miami, Quito, Bordeaux, Zaragoza, Sydney, 9h05 can attend you practically 24 hours a day, 6 days a week.

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Our rates, consultable here, are divided into language zones.

Zona 1: Spanish, Engish, French

Zona 2: German, Italian, Portuguese

Zona 3: Dutch, Russian, Romanian, Polish

Zona 4: Catalan, Galician, Kichwa

Zona 5: Chinese mandarin, Arabic, Norwegian

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