The solutions for your certified translation needs abroad


We are certified translators in Bordeaux, that is to say, translators certified for all your translations to be used abroad. We are authorized to do official translations for all your administrative procedures, no matter your needs.


All our certified translators have degrees in languages and translation. This lets us guarantee optimal quality. Also, every translation is subject to a rigorous quality control with the participation of at least two translations in order to reduce the possibility of errors as much as possible.


In addition to our excellent receptivity (we will respond in less than 1 hour during working hours), our services are among the fastest in the French market. You can obtain your certified translation in 24 hours for 1 to 10 pages (digital format) or in 48 hours, including delivery time for the physical format.


For all of the certified translators at 9h05, customer satisfaction and wellbeing is the most important thing. Charging a lot does not mean the translation is good. This can also become a problem if, unlike 9h05, our competition takes a long time to respond to you and do your translations. Thus, at 9h05 International, you will get affordable prices for quality service delivered in a short time.

17 languages

French, English, Spanish
Portuguese, German, Italian
Dutch, Russian, Romanian, Polish
Catalan, Galician, Ecuadorian Kichwa,
Arab, Norwegian, Hindi
Chinese (mandarin)

more than 4000 clients

entirely satisfied by our services in Bordeaux and abroad

more than 200,000 documents translated

of every type and subject, such as university documents, bank documents, financial documents, teaching documents, chemical documents, pharmaceutical documents, technological documents, etc.

7 agencie in 7 countries

Bordeaux (France)
London (United Kingdom)
Zaragoza (Spain)
Miami (United States)
Medellin (Colombia)
Quito (Ecuador)
Sydney (Australia)

09 53 38 300609 72 40 600907 69 16 5665


9h05 International
45 rue Grangeneuve
33000 Bordeaux

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