Translation services in Quito

9h05 is an agency which provides translation services in Quito, covering all of Ecuador. We have a team of native, professional translators of the languages the documents are being translated into, to guarantee the highest level quality of the final product.

9h05 is a company which has the European translation certification EN-15038:2006 and complies with the U.S. regulation ASTM F2575 to reach an optimum level of quality of the translation.

We have an exclusive translation system which allows us to work with speed without ever reducing the quality. All the translations are subjected to strict quality controls. This means that the syntax, grammar and other technicalities of the translator’s document will be checked and edited by someone else.

The very complex, technical translations are carried out by specialized, technical consultants.

The work is split up between three translators who work on the translations, regardless of the length of the translation.

–A translator, who analyzes, conceptualizes and translates the document.

–A formatting editor who verifies grammatical errors, syntax, conjugation or punctuation.

– An in-depth editor who verifies whether the reformulated message in the target language is appropriate.

This is a service that we offer without extra cost in all of the translations that we issue.

To guarantee the security and reliability of our work, we have developed a platform which allows you to confirm the authenticity of the translation at all times, whenever you want. Each of 9h05’s documents has a unique identification number which can be seen in this link:

This system, which allows us to manage the documents received and issued, will notify you automatically when the translations are ready, so that you don’t have to worry about time. At 9h05, one of our commitments is to deliver irreproachable translations, always on time, or before the foreseen deadline.

Another of our commitments is transparency. Our processes, translators and prices are made public (and published using various currencies). The rates can be seen on this link

With headquarters strategically distributed across the world, we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We attend clients, with services specifically designed for each type of client:

 Private Entities Businesses
Sworn translations Technical translations
Retail Wholesale
Per page Per word

To verify the general satisfaction of our clients, please see how their reviews on the following link:

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