9h05’s Translation Process

Translating is not only sitting in front of a computer and beginning to write. 

Translating is an intellectual, demanding process that requests specific skills and qualifications, such as analysis capability, research and understanding ability, expressive linguistic skills, not to mention the perfect command of source language and the flawless mastering of target language.


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Translation is teamwork

At 9h05 International, our translation process involves different professional linguistics: a project manager, a translator, a proofreader, and possibly a revisor/controller. 

The process is comprised of four main steps: first, the document is thoroughly read, then analyzed, and any research needed is carried on according to the source document specialization. Afterwards it is translated in detail, carefully, with a particular attention to details and terminology accuracy. 

The last step consists of proofreading and verifying the translation with two different professional for final edition of the document prior to sending it to the customer. 


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First approach to the document, careful reading, and integral understanding of the document in source language.



The translation process itself: use of appropriate techniques, methods, and devices of translation according to the document to be translated.



Analysis of the document, identification of key and essential components, research in the specialization area.



Once finished the translation, proofreading process is triggered (lead by a translator-proofreader who did not participate to the translation) prior to final verification.

Preliminary Reading of the Document

The purpose of this step is to perform a first reading of the document, understand it, and ensure nothing is missing. Its integrity is verified, the resources needed for the translation are gathered, and the translation turnaround is confirmed.


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Analysis and Research

The document analysis and research phase aims at identifying the essential components of the original document and carry on the research needed regarding the specialization area: because we are specialized and technical translators, we ensure we understand accurately and conceptualize appropriately the topic of the documents we are in charge of translating.


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Thorough, Detailed Translation

During this stage, the translator starts the production phase and establishes gradually a terminology glossary which will be enriched while the process goes further, increasing the general specialization database of 9h05 International according the orders placed. Thanks to our computed-assisted translation tools (such as glossaries, parallel texts, corpora, analytic corpora, translation memories) et to the qualifications and the perfectionism of our translation team, we deliver high-end translations.

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Final Proofreading and Verification

This is a critical stage for all our translation projects: final proofreading and verification. The first one, the proofreading step, is carried out by a translator-proofreader who did not participate to the translation to guarantee a fresh perspective on the work. The second step consists of the verification, by the project’s translator, of the document, taking into consideration the proofreader’s observations and comments. Once approved both steps, the final document is edited and sent to the customer.


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A Patented Know-How

Our know-how is patented and protected by national and international laws.

Our production and management process is also patented and protected.

Since our establishment in 2009, and thanks to our knowledge and experience in translation, project management, document management, terminology management, and formalities management, we have developed our very own methods, processes, forms, and trademarks, standing out among our competition by means of our high quality level and strong innovation and enhancement capability.

Any copy, plagiarism, or imitation constitutes a breach of the intellectual property rights of 9h05 International, 9h05 del Ecuador et 9h05 Group, and shall be harshly sued and punished before the relevant authorities.

If you are aware of a breach of such rights, please bring it to our attention: frauds@9h05.com.

9h05 International

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Our Translation Philosophy

Our Translation School: neofunctionalism

For us, it is essential to know for whom and for what we translate: this is how we can adapt our translations to the target audience and the purpose of the document, and this is why we are neofunctionalist translators. Because of this translation school, we are in a position to offer tailor-made translation services accurately adapted to your specific needs.
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