Musical translations

Musical translation consists of the universalization of the musical passage in all its aspects, from the song lyrics to the presentation of bands and web pages.

Nowadays, it is fundamental for an artist or a musical band to translate their webpage, their artistic presentations (for international events) or even the lyrics of their songs so that fans of the entire world can understand them and get closer to their idol.

We, at 9h05 Inc., are specialists in technical translations, including the area of music. We translate, locate, and globalize web pages for local and international artists, to give them more visibility both on a national level and abroad.

We also translate and adapt songs, making sure the meter, rhythm, rhymes and stylish features and the lyrics of the songs are reflected and respected in the foreign language version.

If you want to take a step towards the world of international music, or if you want to meet foreign artists in Ecuador, 9h05 Inc can help you with exclusive, translation services and professional adaptation.

We are spanish, english and french translators, (zone 1), italian, portuguese, german (zone 2), russian, romanian, polish, dutch  (zone 3), catalan, galician, kichwa (zone 4), arabic, hindi, norwegian (zone 5) and chinese (zone 6).