Sports translations

Sports translations can refer to:

  • The translation of press releases specific to sports
  • The translation of web pages of businesses or related organizations
  • The translations of specialized sports presentations
  • The translation of invoices for the reimbursement of expenses (sports federations and/ or sports committees.

The sports translations, and in particular the translation of invoices for the reimbursement of expenses, can be translated from or into the following languages:

  • French • German 
• Dutch 
• Arabic 
• Hungarian 
• English 
• Russian 
• Catalan 
• Chinese 
• Turkish 
• Spanish 
• Romanian 
• Galician 
• Norwegian 
• Polish 
• Portuguese 
• Italian 
• Kichwa 
• Swedish 
• Ukrainian 
• Hindi

At 9h05 we translate all types of documents which are directly or indirectly related to sports. The official translation service (sworn translation) is charged per page, half a page or a quarter page, while the technical translation service (manuals, reports etc.,) and commercial / advertising translations are charged by the hour.

The translations of invoices for the reimbursement of expenses serve principally for Ecuadorian sports federations or elite Ecuadorian sportsmen, who have to justify their expenses before the Sports Ministry or the Ecuadorian Olympic Committee so that the money spent is returned abroad within the setting of competitions or international training. (among other things, high-performance athletes).

To guarantee the total validity of the translations emitted by 9h05 Inc. in Ecuador, we offer an additional signature recognition service (notarial translation office). Get in touch with us for more information on the notarization of the translated documents.

9h05 Inc covers all Ecuadorian territory with its translation services. Also it works at an international level, being a globally recognized translation agency. The acceptance rate of documents translated by 9h05 Inc. is 99,99954% (the accumulated value since the creation of 9h05 Inc).

9h05 Inc., synonymous with quality and professionalism. We offer, additionally, the following:

  • A system of quality management for translations that comply with the regulations EN-15048:2006 (European Union) and ASTM F2575 (The United States) More information
  • Veritrans platform which allows you to verify the validity of the translations and maximize the security of its documents. See this link:
  • Professional, Native translators who translate into their own language, specialized in the area of the source document. More information
  • Technical consultants specialized in the subjects of the documents you pass to us. More Information
  • A global network spanning 3 continents, which means practically 24/7 availability. More information
  • Transparency from beginning to end: Our prices are online:
  • The use of security paper and ink, with official stamps (ink and highlighted)