The translation of acceptance letters

If you applied to some student entity outside the country and you complied with all the previous requirements for this, and if you applied for a scholarship with the Senescyt or for an IECE loan (or from the Banco Pacífico-‘Pacific Bank’), the first step is to translate these to present them at these entities so that they validate the scholarship or loan.

The acceptance letter is sent to you by the admissions department of the place you applied to, prior to an analysis of all the documentation required by the institution. Some of the main requirements are the diploma for the completion of secondary education (a baccalaureate title) or higher studies (a degree or post-graduate degree diploma) or an academic record, among others.

The acceptance letter is a crucial and very important document since it details the necessary and essential information which is: the place of study, the duration of the degree and the study syllabus for this. This includes the different periods of study, the cost of these and the name of the degree to be obtained. It is important to note that if you apply for scholarships you must register the exact name of the degree for which you applied, since if this is not written correctly there will be many problems afterwards when trying re-validate it. In the case that you apply for a student residency visa, they also require this acceptance letter, and in some cases the process is totally different.

One has to take into consideration that the request for an acceptance letter is primarily so that you can make it known that you have a place at the university. After this, you must make the necessary payments with which the final acceptance letter can be sent to you so that you can carry out the visa process and all the other relevant procedures.