9h05 Group

9h05 Group gathers the different translation companies of the group under the brand 9h05.


Max Moran

Creative Director

Susie Bryant


Establishment of 9h05

Four friends, four partners, four passionates of words and languages: it’s 2009, those idealistic dream of leaving their footprints on the translation and languages industry.

On a cold morning of spring 2009, they got together around simple croissants for some, chocolate croissants for the others, to make a decision about their common project. It was 9h05 that morning. 9h05, like the train they took together. 9h05, like their very first course of translation theory at university.

9h05 every day, twice a day. a constant resurgence in continuity. 9h05, a name that reads in every language. it was decided, the company would be named 9h05, as an evocation of their passion for precision, accuracy, rigor, excellence. Their perfectionism and anticonformism.



Chairman of the Board

Benjamin Aguilar-Laguierce is 9h05 Group’s Chairman of the Board. An experienced translation professional, with an extensive career and prolific linguistic experience, he chairs the group since its establishment in 2009.

A PhD candidate and researcher in Translation Studies, holder of a Master’s degree in Hispanic Studies Applied to Translation, a Master’s degree in English Editorial Translation, and a Specialization Degree in Judicial Expertise, he leads the development of 9h05 Group after having created successfully 9h05 Ecuador (Quito) and 9h05 France (Bordeaux).

A lover of the words, an expert of details, his work is renowned around the globe. His translations were published by several publishing houses in the world and just as much scientific, literary, and university journals.


Benjamin Aguilar-Laguierce

Benjamin Aguilar-Laguierce

Chairman of the Board

Max Moran

Creative Director

Susie Bryant


9h05 Group

45 rue Grangeneuve
33000 Bordeaux

05 57 82 43 96


Our services

Linguistic expertise at its purest.

Training in translation

  • Translation Workshops 

Organization of translation workshops for training in professional translation practice with contextualization and hands-on experience.

  • Translation Courses 

Courses of translation techniques, compared and commented analysis of texts.

  • Introduction to Translation Theory

Introduction to translation theory: Study of translation and the strategies used.



Linguistic and translation services

  • Specialized and Technical Translation

Translation of technical and specialized texts.

  • Juridical and Judicial Translation

Translation of juridical or judicial documents and law-related texts.

  • Certifiée and Sworn Translation 

Certifiée translation by our sworn Translators of official documents intended to public administrations.

  • Literary and Editorial Translation 

Translation of literary, artistic works, published by printing houses.



Consultancy and advisory in business development

Make the most of personalized sessions of business development thanks to our expertise in linguistic services.

  • Diagnosis of your linguistic activity
  • Consultancy in improving your image 
  • Help to business development for your activity




9h05’s Manifesto

Human-powered translations




Towards Top-quality Translations

9h05. Not a minute late. The name of our translation agency 9h05 reveals our pleasure for punctuality. Because words fly, words travel, verbs move. This is our reason for being, our promise made through the very name of our agency. Being true to our word.

For this reason, springing from this observation, the translation agency 9h05 establishes a commitment to you to guarantee not only quality and efficiency in the documents that you entrust to us, but also to offer you an array of services of high performance constantly adapted to the world that surrounds us, never falling behind.


Without any doubt, transparency is one of the best business practices of any company, for which we publish our rates as well as our work methods and evaluations of our clients. However, our transparency does not mean we will publish your information and projects. In fact, it is completely the opposite. 9h05 considers each delivered document confidential and promises not to reveal a single word, letter, or comma.


Bring Design to Life

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Our values


We are committed to delivering the very best result, and this cannot be possible but with rigor in everything we do.

Passion for detail

We translate with the same love for detail of a goldsmith or a watchmaker. And what we do is this: word art.


The name of the Company witnesses it: 9h05, exactly 9h05. We have a taste for punctuality and well-done work.

Make A Statement

Building brand integration and possibly funnel users.

Unique Concepts

Building brand integration and possibly funnel users.

Unique. Undefined.

Building brand integration and possibly funnel users.

Make A Statement

Building brand integration and possibly funnel users.

Unique Concepts

Building brand integration and possibly funnel users.

Unique. Undefined.

Building brand integration and possibly funnel users.

Our languages

Linguistic and Specialized Translation Services

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Zone 1

Translations in French, Spanish, and English.

Zone 2

Translations in Italian, German, and Portuguese.

Zone 3

Translations in Dutch, Russian, and Romanian.

Zone 4

Translations in Catalan, Galician, and Quechua.

Zone 5

Translations in Hindi, Arabic, and Chinese.

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45 rue Grangeneuve
33000 Bordeaux

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Establishment of 9h05







Committed to our Community 


American Translators Association



Union des experts traducteurs interprètes près les cours d’appel


Maison de la traduction en Nouvelle-Aquitaine


Association des traducteurs littéraires de France


Asociación de los traductores e intérpretes del Ecuador

Branch of Bordeaux

45 rue Grangeneuve

33000 Bordeaux (France)


05 57 82 43 96


Branch of Quito

Juan León Mera N21-241 y Roca

Edificio Cronos – Oficina 501

170143 Quito (Ecuador)


+593 2 250 11 10


Branch of Zaragoza

Alta, 44

50391 Villafeliche (Zaragoza)


Branch of Toronto

33 Isabella St
Toronto, ON M4Y 2P7


Branch of Sydney

40 Maria St, Petersham

NSW 2049, Australie