What are technical translations?

As opposed to the translation of official documents, technical translation refers to the translation of technical and specialized written documents.

Technical documents tend to have a large amount of their own terminology from a specific field of expertise.

They require a high level of knowledge and skill both in translation and in the technical area of the document that is being translated.

“Specialized translation” is generally used as a synonym for this type of translation.

In which cases do I need a technical translation?

Technical translations are generally used to share technical information among specialists, to establish a company or a brand, to develop industry or to simply make your CV compatible in another language. There are many other reasons technical translations are used…

The field of technical translation includes the following specializations:

  • Trading translation
  • Industrial translation
  • Literary translation
  • Juridical or legal translation
  • Scientific translation
  • Advertising translation
  • Engineering translation
  • Pharmaceutical & medical translation
  • Gastronomic translation
  • Etc.


What are the sworn translations?

Also known as sworn or certified translations, these translations are documents that must be presented before official, public, or private authorities such as government agencies, universities, etc.

It is needed for the translation of public documents such as birth certificates, bank certificates, transcripts, academic degrees, the articles of incorporation of a company, etc.


What are subtitles?

Subtitles consist of transforming video into text. It is a common resource for the internationalization of audiovisual documents. This allows the viewer to be reached directly in their mother tongue.


Transformation of the original video audio into text to allow for subsequent translation. Textual elements in the video are also considered which are fundamental for comprehension.

Technical translation of the transcribed text into the target language, complying with the standards EN-15038:2006 and ASTM F2575, guaranteeing optimum quality of the target text.

Note: Translation service available for select languages.

Adaptation and inlaying of the translated text into the video, taking into account the different standards for subtitles (colors, size of characters, lines, format, position, exposure time, punctuation, sentence splitting).

We have the ideal solution to fit your needs


Professional translators

We are a translation service provider authorized by international translation certificates. We can translate into 17 languages and work with more than 100 language pairs. With over 25 million words translated (and rising) and more than 2000 clients, 9h05 Inc. combines experience and professionalism to provide you high quality translation quickly.

Compliance with international standards

Our translation process includes four phases: prepare for the translation, translate, proofread the writing style and proofread the content. This protocol allows us to guarantee the high quality of our translations, without the slightest error.

Standards EN 15038:2006 and ASTM F2575

We meet the European translation standard EN-15038:2008 and the U.S. standard ASTM F2575. Both standards establish the requirements for quality assurance and for approving the translations.

Valid worldwide

Our translations are valid throughout the world. With services in three continents, six countries and with 17 languages, we can offer thorough services to our clients through our innovative technological support.


Delivery to your house or office in 24 hours or less
In order to save you time, we deliver our translations directly to your home or to your office in 24 hours or less.* (*1-10 pages or 1-1000 words)

We deliver directly to our best clients

We extend our delivery services to our best clients in the market so that their documents may arrive securely and on time or early.

Competitive prices

Best price-quality relationship of the market

We have the best price-quality ratio on the market. With a fee system that varies depending upon the date that the translation is needed, we can offer you options that are more affordable or options that are faster. You always choose according to your budget.

Do you want to know how much a technical translation will cost? Enter your information at www.9h05.com/proforma and get a quote that includes our costs and delivery dates. If it is convenient for you, pay on-line and you will receive your translation at your office.


Security platform

We have a security platform that is the only one of its kind in the country and on the continent: www.9h05.com/security. Our security platform allows you or the final recipient of the translation to confirm the document’s authenticity and track it just by entering its serial number. It’s that simple!


Native-speaker, professional translators with extensive experience

Support from professionals in each area

Number of words translated


(which continues to grow)

Number of clients



Technological integration

Technological integration

The technological infrastructure of 9h05 is designed to meet your needs: fast and easy on-line acquisition of translations with our Pricing Calculator, project management, 24/7 access to your translations, security of our products and services as well as comments and ratings from our clients.


All of the translations that have been issued by 9h05 since 01/10/2011 are supported by our Cloud Translation System, a cloud storage tool. If you sign-up for this service, you may access all the translations we have issued to you for a minimum fee. Sign-up for the Cloud Translation System or request that a translation be re-issued.

Pricing Calculator

We are a company that is a pioneer in translation innovation. We have introduced the use of a Pricing Calculator that allows you to calculate the cost of a translation in just minutes, 24/7. You will receive a quote in PDF format, sent to your email address. You also have the option to contract our services directly on-line, and may pay with a credit card or using PayPal.

You will save valuable time, and therefore, valuable money.

Live rating of our services by our clients

Because your satisfaction is important to us, we have designed a client satisfaction survey. You can see the live results of these completely anonymous surveys.


All documents that we receive are completely confidential

We protect the privacy of our clients through our Terms and Conditions of Sale

See our Terms and Conditions of Sales

Security platform

Our security and project management platform 9h05 VeriTrans System, is the only one of its kind throughout the world:

Electronic notification of completed translation

As soon as your translation is ready, you will receive an automatic notification. You no longer have any reason to worry about following-up on your projects, we ensure that everything is completely transparent.

On-line tracking of your translations

Each translation has its own serial number that the document’s final recipient may use to confirm its authenticity and any corresponding data. This guarantees you maximum security, as we care about the integrity of your documents.


Legal notary service

Some countries require that translations be legally authenticated in order for them to be entirely valid. 9h05 offers this service for a minimum fee (see our Service Calculator). The countries that usually require this type of authentication include:

  • Ecuador
  • South Korea
  • Singapore
  • Japan
  • China
  • South Africa
  • Israel
  • Canada (in some cases)

Delivery service (throughout the world)

Without having to leave your house, we provide delivery services for your translation to your house or office. We contract with postal service providers such as UPS, DHL, FedEx and national mail services (within Europe) so that your documents arrive safely.

Pricing Calculator

Receive your translation in 24 hours without leaving your office! Calculate the cost of your translation, contract our services and pay on-line