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Jean-Rene Ladmiral defines translating as “a unique case of linguistic convergence”, an “inter-linguistic mediation” which enables the transfer of information between individuals who speak different languages. Translating thus implies “transmitting a message from a source language to a target language”.

“Translating’ includes the act of translating, the individual who does so (the translator) and the result of this activity: the product delivered to the client, in other words, the text.

Antoine Berman, on the other hand, understands translating as “a subterranean, hidden activity” which has “largely remained unexplored”.






  • Engineering translations
  • Pharmaceutical translations
  • Website translations
  • Digital translations
  • Medical translations
  • Translations for industry
  • Culinary translations
  • Viticultural translations
  • Fashion and luxury translations
  • Nautical translations
  • Mechanical translations
  • Journalism translations
  • Legal translations
  • Regulation translations


  • Certified translations (level 1)
  • Certified and legalized translations (level 2)
  • Certified, legalized and apostilled translations (level 3)
  • Translations of powers of attorney
  • Notary document translations
  • Vital record translations
  • Driver’s license translations (expedited and normal processing)
  • Criminal record translations (expedited and normal processing)
  • University translations
  • Translations for visa and migratory procedures
  • Hybrid certified translations certified by sworn translators who are specialists in particular fields


  • Contract translations
  • Legal text translations
  • Arrest and legal ruling translations
  • Legal judgement and ruling translations
  • Legal commentary translations
  • Translations of communications between authority figures (lawyers, judges, notaries public, bailiffs, clerks, judicial police officers, etc.)
  • Translations for service of justice
  • Translations for penitentiary establishments
  • Translations for teaching law


  • Novel translations
  • Poetry translations
  • Short story translations
  • Comic translations
  • Essay translations
  • Popular science translations
  • Cookbook translations
  • Translations of stories and tales
  • Translations of young adult literature
  • Translations of genre fiction

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