Translations for insurance and reinsurance

To translate the policies, insurance contracts, reports, police parties, insurance adjustments or notifications of accidents, it can get complicated.

The complexity of the terminology used (very broad, and which can become very specialized) is combined with another factor: the translations must be carried out by authorized and recognized translation agencies. Very few agencies offer translations of this type: certified, technical translations. 9h05 Inc. is one of the few authorized, translation agencies capable of producing technical translations of very high quality.

9h05 Inc. offers you the following:

– optimum quality

– Transparency and competitiveness of our rates

– The speed of the operation

To convince you of the quality of the translations, we have put a portfolio on-line (nothing exhaustive) of some of the translations carried out by our agency. If you would like more references on our work, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Juan León Mera N22-231 y Roca – Edificio Cronos – Oficina 501 – Quito – Ecuador

02 250 11 10 /  09 84 26 56 53

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