The impact of a stress-free work environment on productivity

Stress is one of work’s greatest enemies, not only because of the anxiety it causes, but also, above all, because it can end up impeding the performance of an entire business.

Relaxed employees, happy business

It is fundamental that the employees of a business feel at ease so that they can grow as professionals. Professional growth is synonymous with the happiness of the employee and therefore, the happiness of the professionals rubs off on the business.

It is important not to focus exclusively on making a profit, which, as necessary as this may be to the well-being of the business, doesn’t mean anything if there is no stability among the staff at every level.

Reduction of costs with a tenfold increase in productivity

Once the stability of the personnel is achieved, the production costs will decrease thanks to increased performance. The effect being that employees can devote themselves to their tasks with more enthusiasm and in less time.

Therefore, we mustn’t lose sight of the well-being of our personnel, either that or we run the risk that our businesses agonize under a murky environment where depression and stress govern and destroy our financial product.

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