Maximum security for your documents



To make sure that your translations arrive to their final destination safely, we have designed a series of security measures, protected by the patent number 2016-2965.

You will find the details below:

1 – Special paper: All our translations are printed on special paper. To ensure maximum security, we register the type of paper used on our database as this varies continuously. The end user of the translation can request information about the type of paper we use in order to send a specific translation.

2 – Online traceable translation serial number: All of our translations, whether general, technical or certified, have a unique translation serial number, without any exceptions.

It comprises of 6 to 9 digits, beginning with a letter, which indicates the local agency that issued the translation: M for Miami (United States), L for London (United Kingdom), B for Bordeaux (France), Q for Quito (Ecuador), Z for Zaragoza (Spain) and S for Sydney (Australia).

The corresponding information and the serial number for the translation can be traced and verified online at In case of doubt or inconsistencies, you can get in touch by sending an email to or to

3 – Signature of the person responsible: Each certified translation has a signature of responsibility of the translator who carried out the translation.

4 – 9h05 Ink stamp with contact information: The official stamp of 9h05 Inc. contains two pieces of information: the central telephone number (+33 972 40 6009) and the central e-mail address (

The ink stamp is exclusively of blue color for the translations issued in Miami, Quito, London, Bordeaux, Zaragoza and Sydney. The red color stamp is for the translation issued at our correspondence centers: Casablanca (Morocco) and New Delhi (India).

Furthermore, the stamps include the trilingual reference (English – French – Spanish): TRANSLATION AGENCY · AGENCE DE TRADUCTION · AGENCIA DE TRADUCCIÓN

5 – Embossing stamp: The official embossing stamp (raised seal) of 9h05 Inc. has the same design as that of the ink stamp.

 6 – Link to security platform to verify authenticity: The link is mentioned on 9h05’s security platform, VeriTrans System, where one can verify the authenticity of a translation. Link

 7 – Joint certificate of the translator and that of 9h05: 9h05’s and the translator’s Joint certificate, includes a statement of accurate and complete translation of the original document. It also mentions the translator who completed the assignment is qualified. There you can also verify the information of the agency that issued the translation (9h05’s Tax identification number and the translator’s identification number and the full name).

8 – Membership: The logo of the American Translators Association shown certifies our corporate membership (Number 264890).

9 – QR code: A QR code that links to the authenticity confirmation page of the translations issued by 9h05 Inc.

Note 1: There might be more stamps depending on the country of issuance and the translator who carried out the translation.

Note 2: These security measures are assembled in a patented format (2016-2965). Reproduction in whole or in part is strictly prohibited.