Authorization to leave the country

An authorization to leave the country consists of a document carried out by a notary public in which the parents authorize one or more minors to travel abroad with a legal guardian or third-party.

This document is necessary to make journeys abroad with children without one or both parents, to avoid the international abduction of minors, a problem that is becoming more frequent both in Ecuador and abroad.

The authorization to leave the country is essential for the travels of minors (younger than 18 years) abroad in the absence of one or both parents.

Who formulates the authorization to leave the country?

Every lawyer inscribed in the National Board’s Forum of Lawyers of the Judiciary can charge a fee for the authorization to leave the country.

Where can this be legalized or legitimized?

This can be legitimized in any notary of the national territory of Ecuador, presenting a fee signed by a lawyer.

What does it contain?

It contains the declaration of one or both parents authorizing their children to travel with a guardian or a third-party (generally, a close relative or a member of an air-company team.

Does it have to be legalized? Must it be translated?

Some countries abroad also demand, when the minor arrives in their country, that they present this document. Therefore, it must be legalized (apostilled) and translated in these cases.

Who can translate this?

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