Established in 2009, 9h05 is an internationally recognized translation agency that has global coverage. We serve both companies and individuals, and specialize in two main areas: technical translations and sworn translations, also known as certified translations.

With branches in the United States (Miami), Ecuador (Quito), the United Kingdom (London), France (Bordeaux), Spain (Zaragoza) and Sydney (Australia), we cover 3 continents and 6 countries with 17 languages and more than 100 language pairs.

Our languages include: Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Romanian, Polish, Catalan, Kichwa, Galician, Hindi, Arabic, Norwegian, and Chinese (Mandarin).

Our staff is highly qualified and we have the international translation certifications of EN-15038:2006 and ASTM F2575. We are a corporate member of the ATA – American Translators Association under number 264890.

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9h05. Not a minute late. The name of our translation agency 9h05 reveals our pleasure for punctuality. Because words fly, words travel, verbs move. This is our reason for being, our promise made through the very name of our agency. Being true to our word.


It would be useless to continue asking ourselves if globalization is beneficial or contributes to the destruction of the world: it is a fact, a fact that does not escape us and with which we must accustom ourselves. Numerous times a chance for foreign exchange arises. For adolescents and young adults, they are foreign exchanges, travels, and first professional experiences; the discovery of other perspectives on life. Later, at jobs in companies, in administrations, in the business world, all sectors maintain connections with international relations. It is essential to prepare oneself to provide an answer to this constant demand for internationalization and openness, not just toward the world but towards the future. Those who consider this undeserving of attention fall behind, overtaken by the impressive velocity with which everything, absolutely everything, evolves.


For this reason, springing from this observation, the translation agency 9h05 establishes a commitment to you to guarantee not only quality and efficiency in the documents that you entrust to us, but also to offer you an array of services of high performance constantly adapted to the world that surrounds us, never falling behind. The services of 9h05 consist of three fundamental axes:

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Without any doubt, transparency is one of the best business practices of any company, for which we publish our rates as well as our work methods and evaluations of our clients.

However, our transparency does not mean we will publish your information and projects. In fact, it is completely the opposite. 9h05 considers each delivered document confidential and promises not to reveal a single word, letter, or comma.


Our services are designed to satisfy the expectations of our clients. This means the services have sufficient flexibility to complete every demand, while also being sufficiently robust to guarantee quality, efficiency, and reciprocity (QER system).


At 9h05, we add value to your documents thanks to our multilingual and comprehensive perspective. Our strategy lies in an innovative system of translation based on location (adaptation of the content to the language and cultural specifics of a certain country), verbal bolstering (to multiply the impact on the audience) and, our philosophy, simplicity. Why complicate everything if simplicity is more efficient?

Our translation agency established a benchmark system to demonstrate the indicators of success of the projects that you entrust us, so that each one of our clients can perceive the efficiency of our work.

Before all else, our work consists of exceeding your expectations through a strategy of cost effective linguistics supported by high value-added services, all of this while adhering to our commitment, always.


Pushing ourselves to satisfy the large majority of requests, 9h05 developed a production system adapted to the budget of each one of its clients. In this way it makes available, with each quote, four distinct fee options depending on the time the client makes the work available.

This concept is dependent on a simple principle: the more urgent the project, the higher the fee. On the other hand, however, providing more time to work on the project equals more savings for you.


Our work meticulously complies with the most strict international translation standards, specifically with the standard UNE EN-15038:2006 (Europe) and the quality standards ASTM F2575 (United States). Why? In order to guarantee a conscientious, polished, and well-done product, to earn your complete satisfaction, it’s that simple.

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9h05 consists of three figures: 9, 0 and 5.

In this series of numbers, the zero, the figure that represents cycles, is the number that unites the other two figures.

The number 9 represents the nine Greek muses, the daughters of Zeus, which symbolize the different types of art of the classical period: poetry, history, elegy, music, tragedy, rhetoric, comedy, dance and astronomy.

In reference to time, the ninth month of the year is September: a period that marks the transition of summer to fall, a season that symbolizes wisdom, experience and maturity. 

During the period of the Hellenic World, the hours of the day represented goddesses. The goddess of the ninth hour was Aktê, which symbolized renewal. 

The fifth month of the year is May, which corresponds to spring. This is a time of renewal: flowers bloom again, trees get their leaves back and nature comes back to life. 

The number 5 then refers to the current five fine arts of today: painting, sculpture, music, poetry and dance.

The core meaning of the combination of 9 and 5 is the perpetuation of different areas of knowledge. On one hand, perpetual time, and on another, the perpetual progress of moving beyond languages. 

The theoretical justification of this perpetual desire is founded upon the work of the Arabs in preserving classical Greek thought as we know it today.

The Arabs of the 8th century began to spread knowledge on science and Greek thought in Baghdad by translating the works of renowned classical Greek thinkers from Greek to Arabic.

Several Greek manuscripts were lost over time, and with them, the ideas they held. The obscurantism of the Middle Ages disregarded the theories created by classic thinkers and buried them in the past. 

Towards the end of the Middle Ages and beginning of the Renaissance, a resurgence of the classic world occurred. A large part of the contributions to knowledge by Greek philosophers and thinkers was recovered through translations performed by the Arabs. 

With this affirmation, 9h05 seeks to integrate wisdom with innovation, to associate knowledge with art, and combine experience with dynamism.  

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