[:en]Since December 2013, it is compulsory to present a certificate of conformity to be able to import products from abroad and for certain tariff items such as cosmetics, tires, etc.

The regulations state that it is compulsory to present a certificate of compliance with international regulations by the Ecuadorian Accreditation Service, so that it can issue authorization of the importation of the products made under this certificate.

Fulfilling the so-called technical regulations for imports by the Ecuadorian Institution of Standardization is an essential requirement prior to importation which must be submitted to customs. This is the first step towards obtaining aptitude certificates which either accept or prohibit the entry of products into Ecuador.

The modernization law of the State requires any document written in a language other than Spanish to be translated into Spanish. Generally, the certificates of compliance are written in English, French, Portuguese, German, Italian or Chinese and must be translated by a certified business with a translation affidavit before a notary.

9h05 Inc. is an authorized, certified, international translation agency and is qualified to issue sworn translations all over the world. We provide a signature acknowledgement service before a notary which facilitates the process. This document is fit to be delivered and presented before the Ecuadorian Accreditation Service (SAE). Located in Quito, 9h05 covers all of Ecuador and the rest of the world. Many businesses dedicated to importing products or to transport services trust 9h05´s translation services: Importexa, Protecompu, Disetec, Kuehne + Nagel, Michelin del Ecuador, Schneider Electric, etc.

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