With years of experience in translating media material, 9h05 has established itself in an area of translation that requires high-quality of writing, attention to the news and to journalists, the ability to adapt and working at speed, without neglecting the quality of the translation.

To date, 9h05 has translated 3310 journalistic articles and press releases, equivalent to more than 3.717.000 words in press releases alone. News and journalism articles are published on many web pages and in printed newspapers, including andes.info.ec, telegrafo.com.ec, elciudadano.gob.ec, etc.

9h05 knows how to handle the immediate needs of the news, fulfilling the most pressing expectations of the news agencies which need to publish their news without delay.

9h05 also guarantees absolute confidentiality to the news it works with, both in the source language as well as in the target language, thus avoiding leaks from exclusive newspapers and ensuring that the news remains exclusive.

The journalistic topics covered by 9h05 are as extensive as journalism itself: politics, current issues, sports, the economy and culture.

The high quality of professional translators at 9h05 can assure you an unequalled level of quality with incomparable speed and attention within the Ecuadorian market. Feel free to ask us for references and for samples of our work and we will happily send them to you.

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