Depending on the country, they are referred to as legal translations, sworn translations, official translations and certified translations: these involve the translation of a document generally issued by official authorities with the aim of recognizing these documents abroad.

For example, an administration will emit a document in Spanish that must be sent to the United States, where the official language is English. The Spanish document won´t be valid without a legal, certified or an official translation into English.

There are infinite numbers of entities, institutions or administrations which issue documents of an official nature that need to be translated upon their presentation abroad.

For example, if you wish to get married in a country that is not your county of birth, it is probable that your birth certificate (Citizens´ Registration Unit) and single status certificate will need to be translated. Or when applying for any type of visa, you will need to present your financial support deed (bank certificate, bank statement, tax return, payroll, credit card statement, investment certificate, etc.) which must be translated into another language by law.

Who does official translations?

Only recognized translators such as legal and certified translators can translate these type of documents. Depending on the country, there are different levels of translator certification.

9h05 is a globally certified and recognized translation agency, duly authorized for this kind of translations. We have offices in Ecuador (Quito), Miami (United States), London (United Kingdom), Bordeaux (France), Zaragoza (Spain), and Sydney (Australia). We are EN-15048:2006 and ASTM F2575 certified and a proud corporate member of the American Translators Association under number 264890.

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