The hallmark of informative translations are their use of very clear language and information with few technicalities, given that they are addressed to the general public who don’t necessarily have any prior knowledge about the topics discussed.

Informative translations are used in many different spheres such as the press, magazines, reports or books. They also cover varied topics, for example: archaeology, gastronomy, the sciences, technology, sports, anthropology, literature and basic medicine etc.

A challenging translation process

Dealing with general texts of non-technical terminology requires specific translation skills: the translator must be able to capture the simplicity of the source text with the quality of the content and provide an educational, didactical or informative focus.

The narrative texts aim to make a fact known to the general public, which is why it must be written in the simplest form with a clear structure.

On translating a narrative text, the translators have this requisite in mind. In this way, the notes, text books, encyclopedias, exams, conferences, collectibles, etc. will come alive, be natural and be understood by all members of the public.

Inform us in detail about your intentions when you ask us for a translation

When you ask us for a document translation, do not forget to specify the audience to which it is addressed and the purpose for the translation, so that the translators of 9h05 Inc. can produce optimum results, adapting to your requirements.

The international structure of 9h05 is advantageous as it is located in the United States, Ecuador, the United Kingdom, France, Spain and Australia.

We have the European certification for translation EN – 15038:2006, as a result we can guarantee you impeccable translations with maximum professional quality. As always, we carry out your specific translation instructions to the letter.

We can help you translate from or to any of the following languages:  Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Russian, Romanian, Polish, Dutch, Catalan, Galician, Quechua, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese and Norwegian.

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