Data publication clearly shows a continuous increase in the arrival of foreign visitors to the country, with a growth of almost 14% per year in the number of foreign tourists visiting Ecuador.

One of the main features to be taken into account from the service providers´ point of view, such as hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, tourist operators, etc., is the importance of speaking the client´s language.

English is considered as one of the most fundamental languages for all advertising, marketing documents, web page and tour presentations, and that’s not all.

Although 16.6% of foreign visitors came from the United States, the rapid growth of tourists coming to visit Ecuador from France, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Australia and from other countries must be taken into account as we adapt to this niche market and learn to speak their language.

By including French, Italian, German, Dutch or even Mandarin in your tour presentations, food menu or on your web page etc., the attention of foreign clients who speak these languages is drawn towards you and your business.

A study from the Common Sense Advisory (CSA Research) showed the following about shopping and inquiries done on the internet, which can also be applied to real life:

  • 30% of people never shop on websites in English, and 29% do it rarely. Imagine if you switched over to Spanish…
  • 56% of people spend more time on webpages in their own language than on websites in English, or they simply boycott the link in English.
  • Exactly half the people would prefer at least the navigation elements and parts of the content to be in their own language.

The study concluded that if the client cannot read the web page, they won´t buy anything. The quality of experience on the internet can influence the future client a lot  and the best thing to do is to enhance his experience by providing them the content in their language.

9h05 is a translation agency that has ample experience in the globalization of web pages, as well as in the translation of all sorts of tourism documents: brochures, leaflets, presentations, webpages, food menus, letters, video subtitles, etc.

9h05 Inc. is also an authorized translation agency, enabled to issue official and certified translations, as well as manner of technical translations, including the afore-mentioned tourism texts.

You can check our tariffs in this page. Our tariffs include special discounts for students and the elderly. Technical translations are paid for by the hour.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate in contacting us by email (quito@9h05.com), or by telephone at 02 250 1110 or 02 515 3333 or by visiting us at our offices located at Av. Amazonas N22-131 y Veintimilla, Edificio Espinosa, 7th Floor (Quito).

Remember that we cover all of Ecuador and that we hold the international certification UNE EN-15038:2006 that guarantees the validity of our translations throughout the world.

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