Legal translations are translations of texts related to the legal community.

They are translations that do not allow for errors as they could be of grave consequences for you, your business or the business represented.

These concern translating legal tools and texts, honoring the rules of origin laid down and transposing them to the terminology of the target country, without affecting the specific and general meaning from the starting point.

A mixture of translation expertise and Law.

The translation of legal terms requires a profound knowledge of the terminology, norms, laws, terms, methodologies, procedures and of Law development in both the source and target languages.

It also demands a precise knowledge of Law of the target country because the formulas, procedures and the different terminology are not the same in Ecuador, Spain or Argentina.

Our translators, supported by a team of lawyers and attorneys with a long history, will help you with agreements, contracts, legal reports, lawsuits, legal judgments, judicial decrees, legal complaints, court orders, laws, legal regulations, etc.

The translators of 9h05 Inc. are experts in Law apart from being pagers, they fully know the Law of the country of destination and they update themselves constantly in this field.

When you ask us for a document translation, do not forget to specify the audience to which it is addressed and the translation objective so that the translators of 9h05 Inc. can produce optimum results, adapting to your needs.

The international structure of 9h05 builds competitive advantages as it is located in the United States, Ecuador, the United Kingdom, France, Spain and Australia.

We have the European certification for translation EN – 15038:2006, as a result we can guarantee you faultless translations with maximum professional quality.

We can help you translate from or to any of the following languages:  Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Russian, Romanian, Polish, Dutch, Catalan, Galician, Quechua, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese and Norwegian.

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