Technical Translations

Technical translations refer to the translation of documents to a high technical level: such as automotive translations, the translation of medical reports and the translation of dosages for medicines (pharmaceutical).

We also include under this label the thematic translation of telecommunications (internet, mobile, etc.), electronic and electricity translations, which require in depth knowledge of the subject area by the translator.

Our translators will always be required to analyze the source text and investigate the topic, (likewise applying this to advertising translations, legal translations or even to the translation of anthropological or archaeological documents), whether in the language of the original text or in the target language, so that they can adjust to and totally immerse themselves in their area of expertise.

The translation of this type of text requires, apart from impeccable expression, great fluency and the capacity to adapt to the area. If a translator at 9h05 is asked to translate a medical presentation note from English to Spanish, he will have to investigate the medicine and create his own glossary with the terms of the project, the terms which he considers problematic and revise the translation. On the other hand, if an engine manual in German is required to be translated into Spanish, the translator will endeavor to understand the entirety of the mechanics of the specific engine, because it is impossible to translate something that cannot be understood.

At 9h05, our corporate technical translation service comprises all of these areas of expertise and many more in Spanish, French and English (price zone 1), German, Italian, Portuguese (price zone 2), Dutch, Russian, Romanian, Polish (price zone 3), Catalan, Galician, Kichwa (price zone 4), Arabic, Hindi and Norwegian (price zone 5) and Chinese (price zone 6).

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