If you are planning on settling in Ecuador or you are returning from a short trip abroad or if you are simply spending more time visiting the country, you should get your driving license recognized.

Here are the steps

  • Request a certificate from the relevant transit authority in the country of origin that has issued the driving license. If it is written in a language other than Spanish, it should be translated by a certified translation agency with signature recognition of the translator before a notary public of Ecuador.
  • Submit the original driving license together with the certificate at an ANT (National Transit Agency).
  • Successfully sit the Sensory Discrimination Tests at an authorized center.
  • Sit and pass the driving theory exam (20 questions)
  • Fill out the exchange application form or a foreign driving license authorization form with a passport- size photo, signed appropriately.

Pay for the value of the procedure.

Remember that 9h05 is a certified and globally recognized translation agency for all the languages that we operate in.

We can help you with the translation of driving license certificates into Spanish from English, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Russian, Romanian, Polish, Dutch, Catalan, Galician, Quechua, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese and Norwegian: even into Spanish.



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