Located in Quito (Ecuador) and in Bordeaux (France) in the heart of the vineyards of Pessac-Légonan, the most famous in the world, 9h05 International is specialized in, among other subjects, viticultural translations. Our professional translators are masters of the art of technical viticultural translations. They are more than familiarized with the faintest nuances of wine flavors.

Translations comparable to master works

We translate from French to Spanish, English, Russian, Chinese, Italian or even Hindi. We work with 17 languages and more than 100 possible combinations. With constant training, our professional translators abide by our rigorous standards in accordance with the norms UNE EN-15038:2006 and ASTM F2575.

The quality of a translation is not limited to technical capacity. At 9h05 we are also very attached to the land and we love wine. As such, we will do everything possible to make your international commercial projects prosper with the same care that you give your grape varieties.

Word artesans

Our work can be compared to word art. We model the written word to be as close to the original meaning as possible and to naturally flow in the target language.

Thus, our work not only consists in translating, but also (and especially) in making sure that people don´t realize it´s a translation and making sure that the translated document has the same look and feel as the original: authentic, natural and fluid in the target language.

A text has more impact if it is presented to the public in the most naturally focused form possible, and this starts with a perfect use of your native language.

The precision of a watchmaker

At 9h05, we give upmost importance to the quality and accuracy of the language that we use. We are not satisfied with just translating and transmitting the information from one language to another. We also give the information the form that it had in its original language. It is a marriage with the destination culture. With the precision of a watchmaker, we separate each word piece by piece, we weigh them and we adapt them to their new linguistic, cultural and emotional context.