Registered trademarks and publications

At 9h05, we are not just a translation office. We also work hard on researching and improving our translation services. For this reason we register patents regularly in order to improve translation quality and the world of languages generally.

Here are our patents, registered trademarks and translation publications (a selection of them):


Patent of industrial designs and models

Model for a sworn translation

Registered in France, valid worldwide

Number 986 371

Issued on 9 September 2016


Commerce or service trademark


Registered in France, valid worldwide

Number 16 4 277 894

Issued on 30 September 2016


Selection of poems by Aleyda Quevedo Rojas

Dagger garden (Jardín de dagas)

Translated from Spanish (Ecuador) to French by 9h05, published during the 31st International Poetry Festival in Trois-Rivières (Canada) from 2 to 11 October 2015


Distinctive appearance


Registered in Ecuador, valid in the countries of the Andean Community of Nations

Number 160942-14

Issued on 28 October 2014


Collection of poems byAleyda Quevedo Rojas

I am my body (Soy mi cuerpo)

Translated from Spanish (Ecuador) to French by 9h05. This is a collection of heart-moving films which uses poetic language as an expression of the corporal pain which causes the poetic self to divide into body-spirit, body-pain and pain-spirit. It is a set of poems that are both pragmatic and painfully erotic which calls into question the damage that sexuality causes as well our relationship with our body.

Jorge Carrera Andrade national poetry prize

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