Benjamin Aguilar Laguierce, traductor profesional

Benjamin Aguilar Laguierce

Founder and CEO of 9h05 International

Qualified professional translator

Benjamin was born to a multicultural family. Since early childhood he was immersed in several languages, so logically he went into translation. He has been a professional translator since 2006 and has 14 years of experience in the translation of demanding, highly technical texts. He is an expert translator of the Judiciary council (No. 1867088) and a translator accredited by the Embassy of France in Ecuador. He also has several recognitions as a translator around the world.

In addition to his work as a legal and technical translator, he has translated several short novels, short stories, poems, essays and scientific and journalistic research articles. Many of his works have been published. He is also a renowned researcher in translation studies, linguistics and lexicology. His work in the field of Hispanic studies has been shared hundreds of times.

In 2009 he founded the translation company 9h05 International which quickly grew and opened several agencies around the world. Today, he is owner of several brands, patents and copyrights which bring to life his continuous work in improving his translation services and the customer´s experience.

With his tireless work and perfectionism, he was able to win the confidence of thousands of domestic and international clients including several multinational companies.

Qualified Professional Translator

Polyglot with Excellent skills

Expert and sworn translator

Successful and perfectionist company


  • Language A – Native Languages
    • French
    • Spanish
  • Language B
    • English (C2)
    • Italian (C1)
  • Language C
    • Catalan
    • Portuguese
    • German
    • Latin

University Education

  • Master’s in Hispanic studies with a focus on literature, linguistics (lexicology) and translation
    • Bordeaux Montaigne University
    • Thesis: The translatability of morphological neologisms in the poetical work of Jorgenrique Adoum
    • Grade: Summa cum laude
  • Postgraduate degree in Entrepreneurship in Emerging Countries
    • Harvard University
    • Grade: Magna cum laude
  • Postgraduate Degree in judicial law
    • Bordeaux University
    • Grade: Magna cum laude
  • Master’s in translation studies
    • Bordeaux Montaigne University
    • Grade: Cum laude
  • Bachelor’s in translation studies
    • Bordeaux Montaigne University
    • Grade: Magna cum laude

Complementary Studies

  • Certificate of Translation Projects Manager (Universidad Europea de Madrid). Grade: Summa cume laude
  • Course of Literary Translation (Cálamo y Cran). Grade: Summa cum laude
  • Course of Contract Law (Traducción jurídica). Grade: Magna cum laude
  • Course of Forensic Law (Consejo de la judicatura). Grade: 10/10

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