Traductions assermentées d'espagnol pour les particuliers

Faites traduire vos documents personnels (état civil, identification, etc.), vos documents financiers (banque, assurances, prêts, actes notariés de vente, etc.) ou autres documents officiels.

Traductions assermentées techniques pour entreprises

Faites traduire vos documents sociétaires (extraits bis, statuts, constitution, etc.) ainsi que vos documents financiers (comptes, audits, acquisitions, etc.) et tout autre document nécessaire.

Your partner in Bordeaux 

Confide in 9h05 for your sworn translations from Spanish in Bordeaux

To choose your fiscal domicile, to regularize regularize your migratory situation, to declare the sale of a property abroad or in France, to regularize banking transactions or even to exercise your rights abroad, for a marriage, birth, etc.

There are several situations where using the services of a sworn translator is required. 9h05 is here to make your task easier. Thanks to our short timeframes and our long experience, you will obtain the best sworn translations in Bordeaux.

Advantageous prices

Starting from €38 per page

Reduced timeframes (24 - 48 hours on average)

Confide your translations to qualified and accredited professionals

Expertise in sworn translations

More than 16,000 documents translated since 2009


Sworn translations in 24 hours are possible!

Stop losing time with unmanageable translation timeframes: reduce them with 9h05!

9h05 makes sure to respect the integrity of our official documents. We give a personalized serial number to every one of our translations. This number lets authorities and recipients of the sworn translations to verify the authenticity of the document and to compare the corresponding information.

To work even faster for you, you don´t even need to come in! Buying your sworn translation is as easy as 123! Navigate to our price calculator, make your choice and receive your translations at home in 24 – 48 hours. et recevez directement vos traductions chez vous en 24-48h.

Our story

Founded in 2009, 9h05 offers translations based on location, verbal empowerment and simplicity. We commit to deliver performing products that constantly adapt to the requirements of your field.

At 9h05, punctuality is the name of the game! This explains the name of the agency. It also refers to the 9 Greek muses which symbolize classical arts and 5 current beaux-arts. The months 9 (September) and 5 (May) also indicate the beginning of new seasons, renewal and maturity.

Simplify your life with our sworn translations in Spanish

Order a sworn translation has never been so fast! We associate experience and innovation to deliver you high-quality translations
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